Who I am

This is me, Selvaggia Fagioli

I am an Innovation Change Maker. I bring together my skills as a Strategy Advisor & Scrum Master and my vision as a Business Angel sensitive to issues of sustainability and diversity.

I am co-founder of My Career Canvas the business design tool designed for women who want to (re)take charge of their career path.

I have built a career that I am proud of based on my different characteristics.

How can I help you make your contribution to the world?


I miei valori

I practice the concept of give-back: I return knowledge to society and invest in the education of the next generation.

I have a connection to my heritage and a belief that each of us, individuals and companies, has a responsibility to be a force for a better future.

Every decision we make has an impact. Now is the time to become more conscious of how this will affect us.

My skills

Value Creation
Scopri il progetto

My Career Canvas

My Career Canvas is the Business Design tool for your career.

Born from the idea of Michela Luoni and Selvaggia Fagioli to support women who are `in crisis` in their career path, My Career Canvas is divided into four blocks. Once you have decided on the goal that will guide your strategy, we will guide you through a self-assessment of your skills, abilities, values, uniqueness and identity.
You will then be able to define your value, the direction you want to go and the strategy to get there, taking into account what can help you and the obstacles you may face.

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