Agile, Scrum and Archiloco

Agile, Scrum and Archiloco

This article for the newsletter by Eng. Marco Perego discusses Scrum and Agile approaches starting with the analogy of the hedgehog and the fox from Archiloco. Read the in-depth study here .

The State of European Tech 2022

The State of European Tech 2022, the Atomico report. Main points: Funding in the first half of 2022 continued to grow and was on track to reach the record levels of 2021 (103B USD), but with the downturn in August the 2022 total will probably stop at 85B USD. Collapse of IPOs, market-related: there were […]

Business Model Canvas for your idea

Download my mini-guide Design your idea with the Business Model Canvas (the pdf is in Italian). HAPPENS VERY OFTEN: YOU ARE CONVINCED THAT YOU HAVE COME UP WITH THE IDEA THAT WILL TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND, THE ONE THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO MAKE “EASY” MONEY WITH LITTLE EFFORT. Too bad you forgot to consider […]

Market analysis in 3 simple steps

Download my mini-guide Market analysis in 3 easy steps (the pdf is in Italian). Doing a market analysis should not be too complicated. I have written this short guide to help you research the data so you can have your analysis ready in just 3 steps: Demographic analysis Market size (volume and value) Target market […]

My Twitter lists

My Twitter lists contain a selection of accounts I follow to stay up-to-date on business, innovation, and startup topics: News List Startup News List Innovation & Tech List

The Start Expert

The Start Expert is my biweekly newsletter on LinkedIn with news pertaining to startups’ investments (ongoing and completed), startup calls and announcements, and open innovation (collaborations between companies and startups). This is a curated press review in which we look together at how startups can be an important resource for companies looking to innovate and […]

From Idea to Startup

The YouTube playlist From Idea to Startup features my videos designed for founders who want to explore some aspects of doing business: tools, methodologies, and reflections born out of my experience.