Investment Readiness Check

I can help you find the right fundraising solution for your start-up. Take the test if you have any doubts about which service is right for you.

Investment readiness is the ability of a company to understand and meet the specific needs and expectations of investors and plays a key role in determining whether or not it is successful in raising finance.

There are two key aspects to this:

  • business viability (ability to survive through financial position and performance);
  • documentation quality and completeness.

Equity investments (crowdfunding, angel investing, and venture capital) target startups with specific requirements. Some of these can be worked on to reduce any gaps, while others are an absolute must.

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Fundraising as a Service

The service that accompanies you on your growth journey, helping you to find the best investors to meet your fundraising target, based on industry, stage of development, and geography. I support you with strategy and investor communications. Through my network, I can help you identify new opportunities.

€2000*/3 mesi
  • Investor readiness check
  • Call di setup
  • Aggiornamento settimanale
  • Coaching ai founder
  • Revisione del materiale
  • Investor scouting e relations
  • Partecipazione ad eventi
  • Relazione con media e PR

* There is a 5% success fee. Prices are exclusive of VAT and other fees.

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