I build connections

I operate in the middle ground between founders and investors. My goal is to create value for all. Startups are my passion because I believe in their innovation capital.

As an advisor and business angel, I have the opportunity to meet with many startups and understand the needs of investors.


Advisory services to PreSeed/Seed/Series A stage startups for fundraising.


Scouting and co-investment opportunities in Italian and foreign startups.


What we can work together on

Deal flow sharing

Startups in business angel fundraising, VC, equity crowdfunding, Pre-seed, Seed and Series-A stage.

Perfect Pitch

Coaching for investor pitching, fundraising and crm profiling of business angels and VCs.

People Connector

I create opportunities by connecting people, supporting them in achieving their goals.


I talk about #startup, #innovation, #careeradvice and #womeninbusiness at national and international events.

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For startups, investors and businesses.

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The Start Expert
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Find out how I can support you in achieving your goals.

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